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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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customs of other religions.  The Muhammadan
goes about repeating texts ; he always has the name
of Allah upon his lips. It may be that many times
he does not think much of Him. But many times
he does, and that means something to him. The
greetings that he exchanges, when the name of God
comes into them and His blessing is invoked, are
sometimes only formal; but sometimes they are
hearty good wishes, and the thought of God is really
there. Therefore it is assuredly not for us to
despise that. We use the same forms with much less
thought, I fancy, than the despised heathen. We all
of us say lt Good-bye ??; few people think of God at
all when they are saying it. Repetitions are a sort of
crutch for the entrained mind. Better to do without
a crutch, but very much better to use the crutch than.
not to walk at all, and that is what it comes to. Just
as the ignorant man perhaps needs this constant
repetition to keep the thought always before him, so
can we, who have advanced further, keep the thought
in mind without the repetition. Only let us see that
we do keep the thought before us. So all those things
are efforts made by the different religions to ensure
this same thing which is advised here, that a good
thought should always be present in the mind.

You serve two purposes by that: first, you set up a
habit, you set up a rate of vibration in your mental
body. There is a certain rate appropriate to these
devotional feelings. You get the mental body in the