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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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habit of constantly vibrating at this rate, and so,
in time, devotion comes easily and naturally to
it, and you build devotion into your character.
Another thing is that you are, to a very large
extent, keeping out evil thought. If you leave the
mind vacant, any passing wind of casual thought
can get in and influence it, and passing thought is
more likely to be bad, or at any rate useless, than
useful. Just think of it. Here are many millions of
people inhabiting this country or any other country you
like to think of.  Imagine what they are likely to be
thinking about. A few among them are pious and
devotional people of splendid character, but the vast
majority are not that at all; they are just very
ordinary people with some good qualities and some
bad ones, and their thoughts are mostly self-centred
and not at a very high level.  Therefore the vast
amount of thought floating round you is likely to
represent the average level of the country. Surely
you who belong to the Theosophical Society, are
aiming at something higher than the average level of
the country. You want to be in a position to lift
your average brother, and you cannot do that until
you get on to a higher level yourself first. Therefore
you had better not leave your mind a blank for all
these passing winds of thought to fill. The only way
to avoid this is to have some good thought in your
mind. Dr. Watts remarked, I believe: " Satan finds
some mischief still for idle hands to do." It is quite