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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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certain that idle minds lead to a vast amount of
mischief; so have a good thought in the background
of your mind, and there is no doubt that, for us, the
thought of the Master, of His Presence, of His work,
is the best we can have, the thought of working for
Him, of doing something for Him,—and that means
helping other people.  If you have that thought
always in the background of your mind, it comes up
automatically, and you think: t( What can I do ? How
can I help?" That is a very good thing to think
about. Before I leave that, it occurs to me that you
must all of you have seen examples, in yourselves, of
how a thing which is in the background of your mind
will put itself forward without your volition. Some-
times, for example, you hear a catching tune over
and over again all day long. It keeps coming back
to you. You will find yourself humming that tune.
That is an instance in which the mind recurs to
anything in which it happens to be interested. Make
it interested in the right things, and those will recur
to it in just the same way,

Going on to the next paragraph. He says :

Use your thought-power every day for good purposes;

be a force in the direction of evolution.

That is very good advice indeed. Be a force. A
most necessary thing for people to remember. We
have been educated on a sort of namby-pamby theory
that the one thing necessary is to be good. That is
very much the Christian theory: <tf Be good, be a