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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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with us you must not think it enough to be pious,
and to abstain from doing evil things. Of course you
must be that; it is the beginning of everything. But
when you have got yourself into that state, then go
ahead and do something with it. Be a force in the
direction of evolution. Do not sit down and purr
because you feel good. Do something. I do not
mean for the sake of showing off, but do something to
justify your existence. What are you on earth for,
after all ? Why should you cumber the ground,
unless you can do something ? To sit there and be
good (it is better than sitting there and being bad) is
simply a negative state. Get up and do something to
justify your existence. You are there to be a channel
for the Divine force. You, the Monad, came forth
from Him long ago, as a glowing spark of the Divine
Fire. Truly, as The Secret Doctrine says, "The
spark burns low," very low in very many cases.
Blow the thing up again with the fervour of your
enthusiasm, and your faith, and your love, and make
that spark into a living flame, which will warm other
people and will do some good. Be a force in the
direction of evolution. We are all too apt, you know,
to sit down and be satisfied or dissatisfied as
the case may be.   As long as you are thinking
about yourself, you are not on the right path at all.
Think not of what you are, but of what you can do
to help. You will come right, in regard to your self-
culture, v/hen you realise the necessity of work for