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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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others. I often think that, if people would think less
of their own development and more of what they can
do for others, they would get better results. To be
everlastingly pulling yourself up ^by the roots to see
how you are growing is not conducive to growth at
all. Carry out, as far as you at present can, the
work which you are growing up to do, and that will
help you forward more than anything else can do.
This is one way in which you can be a force. It is
not mere meditation, but active help.
He says:

Think each day of some one whom you know to be in
sorrow, or suffering, or in need of help, and pour out loving
thought upon him.

I dare say that you all do know somebody in sorrow
and suffering. You must know many such among
your friends, who could be greatly helped by the
stream of thought which you can send them. But if
you do not happen for the moment to know of a case
of anyone who is in sorrow and suffering, you all
know a great many people w-ho are in need of help,
You know for example our President, who is always
spending herself in pouring out her thought-power
over the members of the Society, and on many
others.  You would never waste your time if
you sent a thought of devotion and of strength
to her. Give her a little more to pour out. You
may be very sure she will not keep it for her-
self ; she will pour it out again on others. I wish