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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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you could be made to see all these things in action^
just for once, as a clairvoyant sees them. Your
thought-force is just as definite a thing as the water
you pour out of a jug into a glass, and if you send it
with a definite stream to anybody, say to our President,
then you may be as absolutely certain that it will get
there, as you would be if you poured the water into a
glass.  You cannot see that stream going to her,
but it goes ; and if you send it as a thought of love, a
thought of devotion, a thought of helpfulness, it is as
much a definite amount of force as the water poured
into the tumbler. She may not know from whom it
comes, but she seizes the force and uses it againó
you may be very sure of that.

The same ^ with our Masters. You pour out a
thought of devotion to Them. That is very good for
you. It arouses devotion in you, and it calls down
on you the answering thought of the Master, which is
in the nature of a blessing, of the nature of Divine
Grace poured out upon you. Besides that you add a
little to the Master's store of force, and He uses that
for the good of others. Therefore, do remember
that these thoughts are real, and that according to
the strength of your thought will be the amount of
force -which you will contribute for that good purpose ;

and just as surely as a shilling that you send to the
Fund of the President is well spent by her in connection
with the work, so surely every thought sent to her is
a force which she will and can use. Therefore you^