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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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occurred to you that you might be proud, but you
know that there is a great deal of subtle pride
amongst students of Occultism. They know, because
they cannot help ^knowing, that they are thinking not
quite as other men are thinking ; that they know a
little more of the real facts of life than do people who
have not studied these things. Well and good. One
does not mind their recognising that fact. It would
be foolish not to recognise it. But let them take
care lest they should have a feeling of pride in con-
sequence of that, a feeling of despising the ordinary
man who does not know these things as yet. In this
particular you are in front of the ordinary man, but
it is a truism to say that there may quite well be
other matters and other lines, along which the
ordinary man is far ahead of you. We see that it is
so in everyday life. You may know a great deal of
Theosophy. Here is somebody who knows a great
deal more than you of science, of music or of art.
You would think st Yes, but Theosophy is much more
important than these things." So it is, and the one
advantage that we have is that our minds have been
opened to the fact; but remember that the man who
knows science or music or art thoroughly has spent
very much more time and trouble in learning that
than you have spent in learning Theosophy, and
surely he deserves credit for the work he has done, for
the amount of selfless labour he has put into that. It
is not the mark of a wise man, (and the Theosophist,