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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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since he studies Divine Wisdom, at least ought to
try to be wise,) to despise the work of another.
He will realise that all alike are progressing.
Remember, too, the warning so specially given to you
in Light on the Path. Do not begin too soon to
think that you are different from other people,
because the difference is very slight; and when we
come to look at it closely, the balance sometimes tips
down on the other person's side. We are not at
all great saints yet. Some day we shall be ; but so
one day will the ordinary man be. So hold your
mind free from pride, for pride, the Master says,
comes always from ignorance. Well, so it does. The
more you know, the less likely are you to be proud
of it; more especially when it is your g$od fortune to
come into touch with one of our Great Masters, you
will never feel proud again, not even proud of the
factóbecause, whenever you think that you can do
anything, or that you possess any quality, it cannot
but come into your mind, (< But I have seen that
quality in the Master, and what is mine beside His ? "
They stand so high, you see. The virtues in Them
are so transcendent, are so magnificently developed,
that to know One of Them is an absolute cure for
anything like pride, an instantaneous cure for it. But
there is one remarkable fact about that. In ordinary
life, when you think that you can do a little bit of
something, and you come into the presence of an
expert in that line, you see how little you can do