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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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compared with such an expert, and you feel rather
crushed and hopeless. But that is not the feeling
you get in the presence of a Master. You realise
your own incompetence and insignificance acutely,
but also you realise your own potentiality. So that,
although He stands so far above you in all ways, the
sight of this encourages you to try to imitate Him,
instead of feeling that there is an abysmal gulf which
you can never pass. You feel: <( I can do this, I
am going to set myself to imitate Him." That is
the feeling, the stimulus, which any touch with the
Master always gives you. You feel, in His Presence,
very much what the Apostle said, (< I can do all
things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Because of j:his strength of the Master you think at
the time : <( I shall never again fall into the faults of
irritability and so on, which I committed yesterday.
I look back and see that some things worried me.
How ridiculous ! Why should anything ever worry
me ? " That is the sort of feeling you get, and of
course you say : " I will never again yield myself to
these feeble things." It may be that you do yield
yourself later, because you forget for a minute that
Divine Influence.  You have passed out of its
immediate direct ray, and perhaps you forget that it
can reach you just as well when the rays are not to
your sight visible and direct, and that you may live
always in that aura if  you choose to do so. Of
course, if you could remember that, you would never