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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SEVENTEENTH TALK           35l

You say: u I am that Self, that Self am I." It is
better to say it, if you do not feel it, than not to say
it at all, for really to feel that thing once is worth all
the repetitions. Sometimes perhaps, in meditation,
in moments of high exaltation, you will realise that
unity. You may look up as though from the bottom
of a well and see the stars shining above you, and you
can realise then, just for a moment, how utterly what
you had thought of as your intellect, or your power
to love, or your devotion, are not you at all, but He,
that they are His, that all these are facets of His
glory, and that the only real progress for you is to
make yourself more and more a channel for His
power, and more and more to realise that it is He
that works through you. You remember how Jesus
Himself said, when called " Good Master " : u Why
callest thou me good ? There is none good but One,
that is, God." God is in every one, and whatever
goodness there is in anyone is the God in him shining
through. So let us try as far as may be to realise
that those words which we repeat so often, t{ I am
that Self, that Self am I," are not mere forms, but
have a meaning. They are, I was going to say, the
only really true words that we can ever utter. They
represent the truth more highly than anything else we
can say. ti I am that Self." Let it sink deeply into
you. (< I am that Self, that Self am I."