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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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May 4, 7575.

2. Self-control in Action.
The Master says:

If your thought is what it should be, you will have
little trouble with your action. Yet remember that, to be
useful to mankind, thought must result in action. There
must be no laziness, but constant activity in good work.

Of course it is a truism to say that thought always
precedes action. Of course there are occasions on which
we act, as we say, without thinking, but even these
are cases in which there has been previous thought,
in which we have a habit of thought on certain
subjects or along a certain line, and we act instinct-
ively in agreement with that. A man does a thing
and says: " Well, I could not help doing it. I did
not think." But the fact is that it is the carrying
out of thought generated, perhaps, in previous incar-
nations. Of course a man has not the same mental
body as in his previous life. No, but he has the
same mental unit, which is the nucleus of the mind-
body and to a great extent a kind of epitome of it.
That does bear from life to life the impression of the