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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTEENTH TALK           353

type of thought to which the man has been accustom-
ed, and it is only by modifying that, along with the
rest of the mental body, that a man can change his
habits of thought.

You have often been told that a man can take
over from life to life in his causal body only his good
qualities. That is true ; the causal body is con-
structed of the matter of the three higher sub-planes
of the mental plane, the first, second and third, and
matter of these sub-planes cannot vibrate in response
to any of the lower or less desirable qualities.
Therefore the man can only build into himself the
good ; which is very fortunate for us, because other-
wise we should all have built in a great deal that is
not good, and the result of that would wreck our
evolution instead of helping it. But each time he
does carry over with him the permanent atoms
belonging to the different planes, the permanent unit
and atoms for the mental, astral, and physical planes,
and those are really epitomes of the bodies which
gather round them each life. And so, although the
man cannot actually carry over with him an evil
quality, he can carry over the vibrations which belong
to it, and these will come up as inherent qualities in
his new vehicles. He can deal with them as soon as
he is strong enough to understand that he ought to
do so ; and even before he understands that in his
new vehicles, the parents and friends can do very
much to help the Ego by encouraging the good