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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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qualities which manifest in those lower vehicles and,
of course, by discouraging the bad ones. That is the
great thing always, to get the good qualities into
action, and make them into habits before the bad ones
can assert themselves. The bad ones will sooner or
later manifest themselves, probably, because the outer
world will stir them up, but if you already have a
strong momentum in favour of good qualities, then the
evil ones will find it very difficult to make any
impression. You have the whole will of the ego
acting through his vehicles against their impacts, and
so they will make but very little show, and will be
probably weeded out in the course of that incar-
nation, so that in the following incarnation the ego
will come in without any trace of these^qualities.

Still one does bring over those possibilities of a
quality, rather than actual qualities. Madame BIavat-
sky used to call these, among other things, " Privation
of matter," i.e., forces which would operate when the
matter was there for them to work in, but meantime
they were suspended until that matter existed, until
it gathered round the ego again. So when a man
acts, as we say, without thinking, he acts accord-
ing to the momentum of those old thoughts
which perhaps belong to lives long past.  They
do not belong necessarily, of course, to the very
last incarnation. All his previous incarnations act
upon him. This is one of the greatest reasons why
we should guard our thoughts, because we may never