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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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holding it in a particular way, and then force him to
hold it in another way, which you say is the right
way, the writing will be worse and not better (and
after all what you want is goo*d writing).   You
thereby take away from him all the value of the long
practice which he has had. That is equally true
with a number of other things. If you try to make a
man do things in your own way, when all the force
of his nature indicates that he should do it in another
way, they will be worse done and not better, and he
will lose the advantage of all the mighty power of
habit, which is a very great help and not one to be
at all despised, but to be used in the right direction-

Never interfere, He says most strongly. These are
the Master's own words, and perhaps we should
remember that one may interfere by thought as well
as by word or by action. If you are suspicious of a
man, if you are crediting him with evil motives for
what he does, you are interfering with him on the
mental plane and that also you have no right to do.
Suspicion is always wrong, whether it be justified or
not justified ; it is always interference, and it is a
thing which we should avoid. The effect of it is to
send out quite a definite force on to the mental plane,
and to give the person what corresponds to a little
push, and this might just push him over the border
line, it might just disturb the balance of his mind and
make him do something which otherwise he might not
have done. It is a most evil thing to suspect people,