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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTEENTH TALK           359

to credit them with evil motives. You must always
think the best of people. So often we assign motives
to them when we see them doing something, but
nearly always we are wrong.  We say: " It is
obvious that he does it because of this or that.'9
Each man knows his own work and his own way,
and if you could see into the mind of that man,
you would generally find that he was taking into
consideration facts or considerations that had
never occurred to you at all,—that he was acting
from motives ot which you would never have
suspected him.

I have found that out very strongly myself, in
India. Our Indian brothers differ from us profoundly
in their moctes of thought. It is often incomprehen-
sible to the European why an Indian should do a
certain thing, and if—as, I am afraid, we often do
instinctively—we attribute a motive, it is practically
certain to be entirely wrong. I continually found
that for myself in dealing with them. I did not get
so far as to be able to tell from what motives they
were usually acting, but at any rate I got to be quite
certain that they were acting from motives which
would never by any chance have occurred to me.
When you have found that to be so, you realise that
you had better not judge; it is always a mistake. It
is an interference with their thoughts and with their
business, and when you are so certain always to be
wrong, it is very silly, and even wicked. You should