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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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therefore follow the old advice, " Judge not that you
be not judged," and always think the very best of

A good deal of constant interference with others,
both in speech and in thought, is, I am afraid, due to
religious misconceptions. You see, Christianity makes
it its business to interfere with everybody. It starts
out to save other people's souls, instead of recognis-
ing that each man's business is to let his soul save
him in its own way. But most assuredly you have no
right to interfere between the lower and the higher
self of another under any circumstances whatever. I
think that that is partly responsible for our habit of

The torturers of the Inquisition thought that you
might do any frightful thing with a man's body, in order
to save his soul, by making the body say this or that.
It was never, so far as I could understand, even sug-
gested that you might make him believe it; but if you
could make him say that he believed it, that is, if you
could make the body say it believed it, then somehow
or other you saved the soul. Well, if people really
believed that, then they could actually justify all the
horrible things they did ; because, you see, to what-
ever horrors you subjected the unfortunate body for
a few hours or days, that would be nothing if you
could save the soul for all eternity. The torture of
your neighbour under those circumstances would
become quite a laudable action. All sorts of most