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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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New members often forget that, you know, in their
first great outburst of enthusiasm; they say that the
world is utterly unimportant. So it is in itself, but
as a duty which comes in your way your worldly work
is a thing which has to be done. There is truth in
the idea that worldly things are unimportant and
this is precisely the danger.  There is very little
danger in an open staring contradiction of facts,
but a thing which you can see is half true is
very much more dangerous, and it is probably the
half-truth in that thought that makes it dangerous
to us.

That first great outburst of enthusiasm has great
advantages, but it has also dangers, and this is one of
them, that we are apt to neglect the ^ordinary daily
life. It is better to make that mistake, I suppose,
than to neglect the higher altogether, but balance is
best of all.  Remember once more how it is said in
the Gita that Yoga is skill in action. It is not just
blundering like a bull in a china shop. It is skill in
action, doing the right thing, doing it carefully,
tactfully and courteously, but doing it. That is one
of the reasons of the long probationary period which
is often imposed, in the case of disciples of the
Masters,ónamely, that they may learn balance. Learn
when the worldly duties may safely be put aside and
when they cannot. It needs practice ; only we must
not forget that the very test of discipleship is useful-
ness to others.