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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTEENTH TALK            367

for such things as these." And so He showed that
He was able to do all these everyday ordinary things
better than they. Well, that ought to be the case
with us too. Whatever we have to do we ought to
do better than others.

5. Tolerance.—Then we come to the third of these

You must feel perfect tolerance for all, and a hearty
interest in the beliefs of those of another religion, just as
much as in your own. For their religion is a path to the
highest, just as yours is. And to help^all,you must under-
stand all.

There is a 'good deal of what appears to be
tolerance at the present day, much more than there
has been for i»nany centuries, perhaps since the time
of the great Roman Empire. But the tolerance in
question is, for the most part, very much like that of
the Roman Empire. You hear curious things of the
way in which the Romans treated the early Christ-
ians. As a matter of fact, clairvoyant research shows
that the early Christians deserved very much of what
they got. I do not mean to say that things were not
very barbarous, but the early Christians seem to have
been a very anarchical set of people ;• and when they
came into collision with the authorities, it was never
because of their religion, but always because of their
anarchical tendencies and of the things they said and
did. First of all, the greatest of the persecutions
never happened at all; but it is true that the Christians