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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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recognition that these things also are ways to the
highest. Our President once said, I remember,—I often
quote from her because I feel I cannot do better—(< The
other man's beliefs ought to be sacred to you, because
they are sacred to him." Because they are sacred
to another man, therefore to you also they must have
their sacredness. One very small manifestation of
this is that, when one goes into a temple, or church,
of some form of religion which is not one's own, one
conforms to the custom of the place. I have known
people who absolutely refused to bow towards the
altar, to genuflect, and who made a point of turning
their backs upon it. I have known people who tried
the same thing with our Muhammadan brothers;

they tried going into a Mosque without taking off
their shoes. But our Muhammadan brothers are
not quite so tolerant as our Catholic brothers, and
the man who does that very rarely survives to try it
again. I have always held, myself, long before I
came into the Theosophical Society, that one had no
business in the church or temple of another faith, if
one were not prepared to behave so as not to hurt
the feelings of the regular worshippers. As I say,
you need not force your conscience in any way. So
take a hearty interest in other religions. If you
recognise that all these people are manifestations of
the One Self, then you will see that whatever line of
thought appeals to one of them, cannot be a thing at
which you should look askance—a thing which you