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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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of interest to you, because after all you also are men.
Of course there are certain broad divisions, such as
you get for example in the cas^of the Catholic and
the Protestant. They each of them (I am classing
them very broadly) approach Christianity from their
own point of view, and many on both sides are quite
incapable of understanding the other viewpoint.
The Catholic takes the view that a great deal of
ceremony should appear in his ritual, that it should
be made in every way as beautiful as it can be made,
in order that it may glorify the God Whom he wor-
ships, and that it may appeal to the people. He feels
very strongly and keenly that this ritual and this
ceremony and all these beautiful surroundings are of
the very greatest help to him in his'devotions. And
if he feels that, why should he not have them ?

To the Protestant, on the other hand, all that is
very wicked and very dreadful because it turns away
the man's mind from the inner meaning. It causes
him to rest in the outer and therefore to lose the
inner. The Protestant is perhaps a man of whom it
would be true that, if he had to attend to all these
ceremonies, he would not, at the same time, be able to
keep before him the inner things. In other words, he
is a person of a different type, and what appeals so
strongly to the Catholic does not appeal to him at all,
and would be rather a nuisance, a disturbance, inas-
much as it would interfere with his inner devotion.
There may be some truth in each of these contentions,,