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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTEENTH TALK             375

but there can be no possible reason why each man
may not follow the way which he finds to be best
for himself, the path which seems to him the most
•direct ; ami all that is needed from tlie other man is
that lie should recognise flu; fact. Each should say:

u 1 prefer my path, hut I am perfecty willing that
every other man should have the same ri^ht, that he
also should take the path which seems the best to him/'
That is a common-sense statement which does not
seem much to ^rant, and vet very few will credit it.
They all feel that what is best for them must he best
for others. Yon must learn the wid<'r attitude—that
there are many pathSy and that they all lead equally
to tlie summit of the mountain, and that each man
should l)e left, to take that which is nearest to him.
You should not havo even the slightest feeling in your
heart that your path would he better for him, but
should leave him in perfect peace to take In's own way.