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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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May 77, 7575.

OF course you will all meet with a great deal of
superstition around you. It has often a very strong
hold on the minds of men—so strong indeed that
sometimes people have said that it is impossible to
have religion without superstition, that you never
find them apart. Well, it is true that there is a very
great deal of mixture, but we at least must try to
separate the two elements, and of course we must not
condemn the superstitious people. ^We study their
superstitions and try to understand them, because, as
is said in the Hindu books:{t Truth alone conquers,
not falsehood " ; and so, wherever there is a supersti-
tion that has a very wide hold, you may be reasonably
sure that there is a fragment of truth behind it
somewhere or other.

Generally speaking, these things are not mere
inventions, they are distortions or exaggerations of
certain facts, often quite wild distortions ; but there is
some shadow of truth behind them, and the interesting
point in them is to find where that fragment of truth
lies, and what exactly it is.

It is a little difficult to define superstition. Our
President defined it once as " the taking of the