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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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no true foundation for such belief. There again,
I am not saying that there is more superstition
in Christianity than in any other religion, but
there are many cardinal beliefs which are true,
but the ground on which people believe them is
not rational, and therefore to these people they are
superstitions. Why, the very belief in God Himself
is a matter of belief and not knowledge to most
people. There are those who know; all trained clair-
voyants know of the existence of a mighty Power
behind, but most people do not know. Some who
hold that belief, hold it on reasonable grounds,
because they have studied the matter and draw their
own inferences, but vast numbers of people hold it
because they have been told so, and if ^ou ask : &t Did
those who told you know it at first hand ?}> they
would be bound to answer, ts No ".

The ordinary belief of the Christian in Heaven and
Hell is absolutely a superstition. There is no rational
basis for it whatever. Yet if you said that to the
average Christian, he would say that you were an
atheist and that you were making a mock of his
religious belief. He believes it very strongly on no
sound basis whatever. The whole question of eternal
fire and everlasting punishment is nothing but a
peculiarly pernicious superstition.  The mediaeval
monks taught it. I suppose the first men who taught
it may or not have believed in it. I do not know. I
am sorry to say that thousands, millions of people