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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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NINKTKKNTH TALK            i/^

have belieu'd it since, thereby most assuredly yielding
themselves to superstition. There is no rational basis
for ii wbate\ er, as I have frequently told s ^me of vim
on various occasfons. Tile only thin^, which from
the Christian point of view ou^ht to be of any
importance is what the Christ Himself said on the
subject- There are, I think, ei^ht passages in which
Hi' is supposed to mention tilis eternal punishment,
:ind every one of the^e ei^ht instances can he quite
plainly shown to have nothing to do with the popular
idea which is attributed to them. There is a hook
called ** Salvator Mundi/' written by a Christian
dergunan, the Rev. Sandal Co:<, wlio ^oes very
carefully into the original Greek of what the Christ
is alleged to have said, and explains what the Chriht
did mean, and ^ives the other words which lie
must have used, if speaking in Greek, in order to tit
in with the popular interpretation. lie had not meant
what people usually think He meant That sliows at
once that there is no rational basis for tlh* belief in
everlasting punishment, and of course one can refute
it also from many other points of view. One can say
that if there be a God, and if lit* be a loving Father,
that is absolutely impossible. It is a superstition h'ld
by thousands of people, which lias worked the mo^t
enormous evil and is still working it ; for, ridiculous
as you may think it, it is a fact that it Lin'in^ belie\ -
ed here and now in this vrrv city of \our^. I should
have hoped tlut most Christian^ had oiugru\ui the