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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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should be accepted as representing His sayings, the
very first rule they laid down was 6t That which is
contrary to reason and common-sense is not the
teaching of the Buddha." They ruled out every-
thing that did not satisfy them from that point of
view, saying : tt This is obviously not common-sense.
He could not have said it." They may perhaps have
cast aside one or two things they did not understand;

but at any rate they did save themselves from a vast
amount of superstition. If only the same rule had
held good in Christianity we should have been saved
a vast amount of trouble—that doctrine of ever-
lasting punishment, for example.

The Lord Buddha Himself at Kalana, spoke quite
plainly as to reasons for belief. Theycame to Him
in this village of Kalana and said : t{ Lord, there
are so many systems of philosophy, so many teach-
ings along these different lines, and now You come to us
with another, and a new form of teaching ; how can
-we teach people to discriminate between these things ?
If we accept Your teaching, how are we to give it
to other people, so that they v^ill see that it is better
than these others ? All alike are great men who teach
these different systems, how are we to decide ? " Then
He spoke quite simply and plainly to those people.
He said: " Believe nothing because a great person
tells it to you, because a person may be great along
one line, and yet may be quite in error along other
lines. Believe nothing because you find it written in