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NINETEENTH TALK           383

sacred books, because sacred books are all from vary-
ing authority, and they may be quite true and holy in
regard to certain things, but vastly in error with
regard to others. Believe nothing because you find
it to be common belief, because the common belief is
quite capable of serious error in many directions.
Believe nothing because of presumed spiritual inspir-
ation, that is, because you think it arises in you and
seems to commend itself to you, because you may be
in error with regard to that." So He went through
the various reasons for which people generally accept
things, and He said: (< Do not believe for any of
these reasons. Do not believe even what I, the
Buddha, tell you, unless it commends itself to your
reason and common-sense, because, unless it com-
mends itself to your reason and common-sense, it is
not true for you; but if it so commends itself then
act accordingly and abundantly."

That is a very fine line to take. A Teacher who
speaks in that way is one whom you may very safely
follow, and I wish very much that other religions had
been equally brave and equally outspoken in that
matter. Of course one may sometimes know a thing
to be true without being able to reason it oat; that
is the other side of the question. I think that many
of you must have had the same experience that I had,
when first these Theosophical truths came before me
in Mr. Sinnett's book. The Occult World. I at once
knew they were true. I was certain of it. I felt