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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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inside : (( Yes, this is the very truth for which I have
so long been seeking. Here it is." But I could not
have given you any actual reason. I could not have
built up reasons by degrees, which made it very prob-
able that this was true; but I could not have given
you reason sufficient for so decided a stand of belief.
I knew it by intuition. You will find that fairly
constantly in your own case.  You, who are old
students of these things, have gradually built up a
certain fabric of truth in your minds and from that
there should be quite certainly a knowledge as to
whether any new thing put before you will fit into its
place in that scheme or not, and so you helve an
intuitive feeling as to whether a thing is true or false,
even though you cannot give a physical-plane reason
for the intensity of your feeling. You can always
argue and give reasons that will buttress your
position ; but they are usually not sufficient to account
for the intense certainty of your conviction.

That is a case where the ego knows inside and has
good reasons for his knowledge, but he cannot impress
all the details for his reasons on your physical brain.
Only the fact comes through that he knows. So when
a new truth is presented to you, you know at once
whether you can accept that or not- That is not
superstition, although it may be difficult to distinguish.
That is an intense inner conviction. I do not think
you will ever find anybody ever had that intense inner
conviction about hell.  They believe because they