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NINETEENTH TALK           385

have been taught, because they have been told, not
because they have the inner conviction that they will
be burned for ever. That sounds like abandoning
reason in favour of intuition, but then you must
remember that that very word u Buddhi n which we
translate as <f Intuition," is translated in India as
<( pare reason ".   It is practically the pure reason of
which you hear so much in philosophical discussion,
that pure reason which sees at once for itself whether
a flung is right and reasonable, or not; and so it
cannot be said that, when we have an intuition of
that sortówe believe without reason, but simply
that the pure reason is on a level where it cannot
be brought down and explained in concrete terms.
The reason isĽ these, but it is the reason of the
ego, a higher type than any that we have down

Then the Master goes on to give instances with
regard to this question of superstition :

You must learn that no ceremonies are necessary;

else you will think yonr.self somehow better than those
who do not perform them. Vet you must not condemn
others who still clin^ to ceremonies. Let them do as they
\\HI; only thev must not interfere with you who know the
truth they must not try to force upon yon that which you
ha\c outgrown. Make allowance for eseryth'm^'; be kindly
low.mis even thin^'.

Tins whole question of ceremonies is very In rgely
one of temperament. The Master says that you must
learn that no ceremonies are necessary. Do not
forget that this was spoken to an Indian boy, and so,