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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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first of all, there is little doubt that the Master had in
His mind the immense importance attached to
ceremonies in India, and the great number which a
Brahmin is supposed to perform ; and this boy was a
special type of Brahmin, a peculiar variety, so to
speak, and of course he had been accustomed from
childhood to perform ceremonies at every minute of
the day. He could not wash himself, for example,
without throwing the water round in a particular
shape. There was a particular way in which every
little thing had to be done, and he had texts to recite
with every act. Not a bad idea, of course, for one
who is devoting the whole of his life to spirituality*
It is the same thing which is prescribed for the monks
and nuns in some of the contemplative orders in
Catholicism.  But the Master impresses strongly
upon him : 'i Remember that no ceremonies are
necessary." I should think it very probable that he
might have neglected in the course of his education
(his time was pretty well filled) some of the ordinary
Brahminic ceremonies, and that perhaps some
relation, or friend, in the officious way they have of
trying to do everybody's business, might have said:

(< It is very wicked not to do that," and this passage
may very possibly have referred to some case of that
sort; so He would say: " Remember that no cere-
monies are necessary, and especially you must never
think that those who do the ceremonies are any
better than those who do not." That might quite