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NINETEENTH TALK            387

certainly have been said. Very probably some one
said to him, (< But all good Brahmanas do these
things ; it is a sign of falling away from grace if you
do not." So the Master may have said :" Remem-
ber that none of these things are necessary,
but on the other hand do not despise the people
who still cling to ceremonies."   Now that may
very well have been a hint, too, in regard to some-
thing some of us had said, because we who are
Westerners do not always appreciate the Brahmana's
ceremonial, and quite conceivably \\e may have said
with regard to some such ceremony : " That is rather
ridiculous, is it not ?" And so, in order that he might
not repeat something of that sort and so hurt the
feelings of the orthodox, the Master said to him ; ^Do
not in any way despise the people \\ ho still cling to
ceremonies." He explains later on how these things
work- They arc not necessities, but they often are
supports for people. They help them to realise things.
I know the Master sometimes speaks of them as being
like tile double lines between which a child learns to
write ; they arc very useful in teaching him to make
the letters of the same size, and guiding him to write
straight, but very soon lie leams to write better and
much more freely without them. And so these
Brahmana ceremonies might be thought of perhaps
as necessaryť but ceremony may be taken in several
senses. I mean that such ceremony as the Brahmana
has to perform is simply a kind of setting to his life,