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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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so that there shall always be this religious background
to every daily act.

Then you have quite another aspect of ceremony,
the great public ceremonies such as you have in the
Christian Church. Now, they have their place and
their right. It is said here that no ceremonies are
necessary. Now, that would apply more particularly,
in regard to Christianity, to those in the church who
would say it is necessary for salvation that a child
should be baptised, that it is necessary for salvation
that a person should partake of the Blessed Sacra-
ment.  The Master says that no ceremonies are
necessary. He does not say that they may not be very
useful; they are eminently useful to persons of a
certain type of mind. Remember t*hat many cere-
monies produce definite results, results as definite as
those of a chemical experiment, and just as scientifical-
ly arrived aty and in many cases those results are very
good—for example the saying of the Mass, or as I
should prefer to put it: "The offering of the Mass,"
the recitation of that Liturgy of the Blessed Sacra-
ment in which the Bread and the Wine are consecrat-
ed. That has a very fine and definite effect indeed.
It is an arrangement made specially by the Head of
the Christian religion, the Founder of the Christian
religion, for the distribution of what is commonly
called Grace (we should call it spiritual power)
through His Church, and it is a method by which He
has arranged that that should be daily done. Now