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NINETEENTH TALK            389

nobody need put himself in the way of that, but
there is a definite outflowing of spiritual force, and
those who know how can take advantage of that.
There are plenty of other ways in which spiritual
force can be brought down—not just identically
that force, but other forces and powers in other
ways. Here is a definite way arranged for a definite
set of people, with a mechanical physical side to it, in
order to bring the thing down to the physical plane.
You must understand that all these forces, no matter
how spiritual, no matter how glorious, work under the
laws of Nature, and if, therefore, you wish that the
benefit of them should be felt on the physical
plane, there must be a physical mechanism through
which they can» work. It is so with all such things.
Electricity, for example, is a wonderful natural force ;

it exists all about us all the time and is always in acti-
vity. But if you want it to perform a particular work
in a particular way in a particular place, you must
provide certain physical machinery through which it
can operate. If you want things done on this plane,
then you must provide the machinery through which
they can work, and that is so with these other quite
spiritual forces.  I do not say that you cannot get
an outpouring of spiritual force in all sorts of other
ways—certainly you can if you happen to be the kind
of person to whom these other ways appeal. But
there are many people who would always feel them-
selves vague and uncertain with subjective methods,