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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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and to them the outer form, as to which they can be
reasonably sure, is a very great comfort and a very
great help. And so here again we come upon the
ever present controversy between Protestant and
Catholic, as to the use of ceremonies and ritual,
pictures and images.   It is a never ending con-
troversy, precisely because both sides are right, and
in a way both sides are wrong, wrong if they hold
their particular method to be absolutely necessary, and
right, if they think of it as the method best suited to
them and thousands of others. So that those who
find the ceremony, the statue, the picture, the
physical-plane manifestation necessary, belong to
one definite type, a very old and noble type, one of
the Seven Great Rays, at the head pf each of which
stands one of the Seven Great Spirits before the
Throne of God. And those who find these things
rather troubling and distracting are also following
along their own line. They belong to another Ray
and to another type, and each of these has a vast
field for its followers, just as it has its dangers, of
course. The use of the ceremony, the statue, the
picture, has the danger that it may become merely
formal, that the ceremony may be performed without
much thought, and that the statue may be taken
for the reality behind it. I doubt whether this
has really happened even in the case of the most
primitive people, but that is a danger which people
always profess to see, and I suppose really do see.