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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Let them do as they will; only they must not interfere
with you who know the truth—they must not try to force
upon you that which you have outgrown.

You will notice, all the way through, how the Master
emphasises very strongly each man's rights to manage
his own affairs. Again and again He says, (< Do not
interfere with other people. You claim perfect right
to your own opinion and you must allow the same to
others, and you must allow it so fully that not only
will you not directly interfere, but you will not even
make remarks about them because they do things
which are different from what you would do. You may
not be able to force other people to go to Church,
but you may say among yourselves, (How silly of
Mrs. So and So not to go to church.' i? That is
wrong, because that is an endeavour to blame them
for not holding the same opinion that you do. So
He says:

Make allowance for everything; be kindly towards

Then He goes on again (this is again I am sure, is
addressed to Alcyone's own circumstances):

Now that your eyes are opened, some of your old
beliefs, your old ceremonies, may seem to you absurd;

perhaps, indeed, they really are so. Yet though you can no
longer take part in them, respect them for the sake of those
good souls to whom they are still important. They have
their place, they have their use ; they are like those double
lines which guided you as a child to write straight and
evenly, until you learnt to write far better and more
freely without them. There was a time when you needed
them ; but now that time is past.