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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Then they pour out a little water as libation, or they
offer a flower—a very small offering truly, but why
should it be condemned ? You know that the
Christ Himself said that those wh?) gave even a cup
of cold water in His name and for His sake should
be no means lose their reward. Assuredly it is true
in other religions ; so let us always remember the
advice, (< Make allowance for everything and be
kindly towards everything/' because, poor though the
offering may be, even though to us it may seem
ridiculous, yet if it comes from the heart it is a true
and genuine offering.

I have often seen very touching cases of that in
the East where offerings that seem to us absurd, even
irreverent, are brought and offered. But I am sure
that, where the heart is pure and the intention is
good, such offerings are by no means to be despised.
And so, if He accepts them, who are we that on His
account we should try to find fault and consider them
as a slight to Him ?

Remember the story of Abraham in the Talmud.
Abraham, it is said, once received a man in the
desert, and was about to give him food and drink, as
you would naturally give to every one who came
along in the desert. Abraham called upon him to
praise God before eating, but when he refused and
said that he did not know anything about God^
Abraham arose in anger and turned him out of his
tent and would not give him anything at all. Then