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TWENTIETH TALK            399

such ceremony. But there are others for whom the
ceremony is to some extent an empty thing, because
that is not in their line and they have rather the
subjective or mysfical idea of approaching God by
means of their own interior feeling, and thus touching
the God within them.

These might be described very roughly as the
Catholic  and Protestant attitudes respectively.
They are often called the Occult and Mystic
attitudes, but even there some of you may have that
mystic turn of mind which is not attracted to outward
ceremony, but loves rather to turn inward and to reach
by contemplation the God within. If that is your
way, then you should follow it; but be careful lest
you be selfish^ lest in trying to follow your own way
you should become intolerant of that which is clearly
the way for thousands upon thousands of your fellow
creatures. Roughly speaking, the Protestant objection
to ceremonies is always a selfish objection. The man
does not need them for himself; and so he does not
want anyone else to be helped by a thing which would
not help him. He forgets that, though the ceremony
takes place, he need not attend it if he does not wish,
he need not take part in it. For the ceremonialist to
try to force his ceremony upon the Mystic would
again be selfish and intolerant. That is never done
in these days, but it was done by the Church in the
Middle Ages. But even though you attend, you can
always abstract yourself ; one can follow one's own