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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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line. It is to the Mystic, who often has that tendency,
that it is especially necessary to address this word of
warning. The other man needs his ceremony, if you
think you do not need it well ami good. You need
not rob the other man of it—you can give to it as
much attention as you choose. You need not be in
any way interfered with by the presence of the cere-
mony, whereas its absence would be a very serious
matter indeed for the man to whom it is of impor-
tance. Therefore, if you consider your mystic attitude
the superior attitude, you should take care that it
does not degenerate into anything of the nature of
selfishness. There are those who need the ceremony.
You can have no possible right to despise them or
think less of them, for that, as I have already said,
is one of the great Rays or Types. It is at the head
of that particular Ray, as far as this planet is con-
cerned, that the Master, The Comte de St. Germain,
stands. Thus the ceremony comes to you very well
authenticated—very well supported; but those for
whom that is not the way are not therefore encourag-
ed to follow it or to take it up.

The great ceremonies of the Christian Church, for
example, were. especially ordained to do certain
things. They were to a large extent a new departure
made by the Lord Maitreya, in the nature of an
experiment. If you study any of the great religions
which had existed before, you will find that practi-
cally all their ceremonies were of a distinctly personal