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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the Holy Communion, the Eucharist, as it is more
often called in the English Church. Now there is
attached to that a definite reservoir of force, which is
drawn upon by certain definite w8rds and actions on
the part of one who is authorised to say these words
and to undertake these actions. When he does that
he lets loose, as it were, a flood of spiritual power.
That is a definite act, which has a perfectly definite
result on several planes simultaneously.  For the
purposes of that act it does not matter what kind of
man the priest is. I do not say it is not important,
because, if he is a good and earnest and devout man,
then in addition to the unlocking of the portals and
letting out forces, he adds to that a vast force coming
from his own devotion—his own earn^stness, his own
feeling of love. But the tapping of that reservoir is
not a matter which is concerned with his character
or feeling at all, it is a definite act which he performs
by turning the tap.  The tap is turned equally
whether he is a good man or a bad man, whether he
thinks of what he is doing or whether he does
it casually. So you must always bear in mind that
these particular services are, as it were, certain
acts of magic—of the higher magic, the white
magic, and they were ordained to produce particular

Many people object to ceremonies and say that
they are surrounded by so much that is objectionable.
That mav be true, but it does not alter the definite