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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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So all those great public ceremonies are not
necessary to the attainment of Nirvana. There are
many other ways. One would not say, although
some are childish, that they have been outgrown,
but rather that they represent different lines.
If you are on those lines they may mean very
much to you. If you are not, they do not. But
do not make the mistake of thinking that they mean
nothing. They only mean nothing to you, because
you do not happen to be on that particular line.
Each one of us has his own language into which he
was born, the language of the nation to which he
belongs, and just in the same way each of us has what
might be called his religious language—the way in
which his thoughts and feelings and aspirations most
readily express themselves.   It would be in the
highest degree foolish of you to despise a Frenchman,
because his language is different from yours.  It
would be equally foolish to despise anyone, because
his religion is different from yours. A Frenchman
says" maison" instead of "house"; but it means
exactly the same thing. It would be impossible to
argue that one is a better word than the other. They
are merely two words meaning the same thing. Just
so the line of the Mystic and the line of the Occultist
both lead to the same goal. They are different words
meaning the same thing.  Why then should we
quarrel with them ? We have so strongly the feeling,
very often, that our own way must be the right way.