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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTIETH TALK            4o5

Just in ^Q same way the old woman in the time of
the Napoleonic wars prayed to God that the English
nu^ht "be successful, and when they reminded her that
proba.'bly people Sn the other side were praying for
the s-uocess of the French, she replied : (< Well, what
docs that matter ? How would God understand them
when  they speak such nonsense ?"   It is exactly
the ssarxie thing as to say:f< How can a man obtain
benefit from so foolish a religion?" For you your
religion   is better, and it really may be a more
advanced one; but you cannot expect the other
person to see that. English may be a finer language
than  French. I do not know; it is less exact and
much more copious. Perhaps there is something to
be said for each. It is the same thing with religion
also.    Some people go best along one way and some
along another. It seems so simple, but somehow or
other"  you cannot get people to see it.  We, as
Theosophists, must not only say it but must really
feel it.   We must not say : " Well, poor fellow, it is
a pity, but I suppose he must go his own way." That
is not in the very least Theosophy. You must let
him understand his way is as good as yours, and you
must really feel inside yourself that his way is as good
as yo fir's, and that is not so easy, but it is a way to
the highest. You who love ceremonial, remember
that the Mystic, who does not love it, may also obtain
inner  enlightenment. Mind, I do think it is a very
much more difficult way, but still it is a possibility,