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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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and those of you, who pride yourselves on having that
power, should remember that ceremonial is also one
of the lines and that the ceremonies in question were
instituted by the Lord Maitreya ^Himself, who is no
mean judge of the way to attain the best result. So
we need much more tolerance, we need hearty appre-
ciation each of the other man's way. Difficult to
get, but we are the very people who ought to be
trying to get it. At least we are trying to get a little
in advance of the average in order that we may help
people; and this is one of the ways in which we
must be different from the rest. We must really look
benignantly upon other people's beliefs. Then He
goes on to say:

Yet he who has forgotten his childhood and lost
sympathy with the children is not the man who can teach
them or help them.

Now, there again is very decidedly a distinguishing
quality of the Occultist. He is a man who has not
forgotten his spiritual childhood, and so he can
help all; so he is able to understand the various
religious languages, the various ways of putting

It is a very good exercise for us to try to under-
stand how things appear to others. I do not mean
in religion only, but in ordinary life. I can tell you
one thing, for example, which practically nobody docs,
and yet it is a most useful thing to do. Our brother-
hood is without distinction of creed, caste, sex, or