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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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another person's point of view you have widened
your own view by just that much. It is a distinctly
useful thing to do. We must not look St things only
from our standpoint.             *

So look kindly, gently, toleiantly upon all; but upon
all alike, Buddhist or Hindu, Jain 01 Jew, Christian or
Muhammad an.

Once more, it does not mean that all these things
can mean the same to you. After all you belong to
one of these lines and that will mean most to you, but
you must understand that to the other man his line
is as good as yours is to you. You must be all things
to all men. Remember how S. Paul talks about that.
He says he made himself <( all things to all men,
so that by some means I may gain some of them ??.
He met each man along his own line. If the man
was an ignorant man he did not pour upon him his
own knowledge. He descended to his own level and
talked to him along lines he could understand. Again
it is like talking to a man in his own language and
not in a foreign language. If you want a man to
understand, you must say something to him which
means something. So we who are Theosophists may
many of us still have an outward religion and cling
to it, and yet I think that we ought to be able to say
that we belong to no religion exclusively, but to all of
them inclusively.  I myself, for example, am a
Christian priest, but I am also a Buddhist, because
I took the vows and obligations by which I accepted