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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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their own lines. You will notice, any of you who
have been on lecturing tours, how wonderfully our
President does that. In India she speaks as a Hindu
to them. She quotes from their Scriptures in sup-
port of everything she says; she uses some of their
own Samskrit Texts, and that appeals to them just as
the rolling Latin appeals to the Roman Catholics.
When she speaks to the Buddhists she says the very
same things ; but she quotes the sayings of the Lord
Buddha, she uses their terminology and she speaks as
a Buddhist. If you go to England, you will hear
her speak as a Christian to Christians—not in any
sense of the word changing her real belief or religion,
but simply speaking their language. It w^ould be just
as ineffective and feeble to talk to^ a Buddhist in
Hindu terms, or to a Christian in Buddhist terms, as
to go over to Paris and deliver a lecture in English
to an audience who know only French. So Theo-
sophists who will talk in long Samskrit terms often do
their propaganda harm instead of good; people
think it is all strange and vague and impossible. If
you are speaking to English people, it is better on the
whole to confine yourself to that language and not to
use Samskrit terms, unless you are absolutely obliged.
It is exactly on the same principle that, when the
President speaks to people of the Parsi religion, you
will hear her quoting from the Zcnd-Avesta and
using the language of Zoroaster. That is their
way and you must approach them along their