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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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qualification, but dealing with the various points, and
the fourth of these is Cheerfulness.

You must bear your karma cheerfully, whatever it may
be, taking it as an honour that suffering comes to you, because
it shows that the Lords of Karma think you worth helping".

Cheerfulness: This qualification is often called
Endurance. Mrs. Besant has often used that word
for it, but this goes a little further than mere endur-
ance. Many people can endure, generally because
they have to, but they endure sadly, mournfully, not
making the best of things. We are expected to endure
cheerfully, and that is a distinctly further step. You
must notice also this other expression: t{ It shows
that the Lords of Karma think you worth helping."

It is not easy to keep the idea ofrthe working of
karma clear in our minds. There are pitfalls on each
side, and one must be rather careful. It is a sort of
razor edge of which you have, on the one side, the
idea that it is a personal Providence which is dispensing"
the thing. Christians have come along that line, and
have in their very blood the idea of a personal
Providence always interfering. But that is an in-
correct idea and will lead you very wrong. And yet
if you make the thing merely an impersonal law, on
the other hand, there are certain implications and
adaptations which you will fail to understand. There
are many books written on the subject. One of the
very best, I think, is A Study in Karma which the
President has published. Putting the matter quite