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TWENTIETH TALK            4l3

roughly and with various reservations, you should
first make it quite clear to yourselves that karma is a
law like the law of gravitation, and that it is always
acting. People tl-fink of it and speak of it as though
it came into operation only when you do something,
the fact being that you merely come under its opera-
tion at that moment. The law of gravitation is
acting all the while. If I drop this book, you have
an example of the law. You must remember that
this law of karma is not a thing that comes into
operation every now and then only. It is there all the
time. So if you take electricity, there are electric
forces always in activity round about us ; but if you
•want these electric forces to do something for you—
to light your rf:ity, or to drive your trams—then you
must provide the necessary conditions through which
they can work. In the same way you provide the
conditions in which the law of karma can act upon
you, when you do or think or speak some definite
thing. For example, as an ego you are floating on
your own plane between incarnations, and the law
of karma is doing nothing to you at such times.
But when you put yourself down into incarnation,
by that fact of taking birth you bring yourself
under karma, you set it in motion as it concerns
you, and so it immediately carries you into some
particular birth.  The law was operating all the
while; it has not commenced to work because you
have come within its purview.  But since you