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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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have come there and set the thing in motion, it

Now with what part of that have^ the Lords of
Karma to do ? You must regard tue Lords of Karma
simply as the Administrators of a Law. In some
ways perhaps the word (< Lords " is a little indefinite,
because it does rather suggest that they direct and
rule Karma. You cannot direct and rule gravitation,
just as you cannot direct and rule electricity. But
you can make arrangements that it shall come
into operation at certain places and do certain
things. You can apply it at this point and not at
that. So with the law of karma. Those who are
working in connection with the law of karma are its
Administrators. They watch, for example, the action
of the karma and they decide exactly what the
next birth shall be. It is difficult to put the facts
without on one side or the other deceiving people,
because people think so much more than the mere
words one says; they read into them so much more
than is meant. The law of karma, for each one of
you at this moment, has an account stored up, not
necessarily against you—this account representing the
sum of your good and bad deeds. The whole of that
sum is the pressure of the law of karma upon you,
but if all that came upon you at a given moment, let
us say, and if the evil should largely exceed the good
(on the whole there is a tendency for there to be a
certain excess of evil karma, because we have all