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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTIETH TALK            4l5

come up through savage levels when we did all sorts
of uncontrolled things, therefore we have all behind us
a certain amount of evil karma, unless we have spent
many lives working it out, and that means lives of
considerable suffering) ; so when you find a life of
suffering coming upon you the best way is to assume
that you are working out the last part of it. Read
the stories of the greatest of the saints, and you will
find they have passed through an immense amount of
suffering. All the people who have tried to help the
world have suffered terribly. It is part of the train-
ing of their Initiation; but it is absolute justice always^
for not even for the purposes of training can any
injustice take place. It is because they are clearing
up the remains^ of their karma and clearing it up very
rapidly. They are getting more than their natural
share of suffering. What part then is the share of
the Lords of Karma in the matter ? It is to interfere
with the pressure of the whole of the karma, to mete
out a certain part and to give it to you to work out in
one life. That is Their duty, but They are not
responsible for all your foolishness afterwards, for the
fact that you take things very badly, instead of
philosophically, and thereby intensify your own
suffering. They are not responsible for that. That
is your karma and your own wrong doing, but the
wrong doing and the amount of good fortune
apportioned to a particular life in Their selection
from the mass that lies behind. That is done by the