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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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pour Maharajas and Their agents. So They decide
for you what your next life shall be, but They decide
it under the law. They cannot take mt)re of good or
more of evil than there is in yourl^arma, but they do

•select from that what they think you can work
through. If you work through the evil sooner than
They expected, if one may say so—I do not know
how far They are omniscient, I could not say—but if
you work through the evil allotted to you, then they
give you more. t! Whom the Lord loveth He chas-
teneth "—that is the meaning of that extraordinary
expression. It is the very highest compliment They
can pay you.

You know among yourselves, perhaps in a small
way, how karma from the past hinders you in your
work. Now you all desire to do something for the
Theosuphical Society. Well, do you not often find
yourself hindered by ill-health or weakness or some-
thing ? That is karma of the Past. Do you not see
how much more you would be able to do if you were
perfectly free from that, if there were no weakness,
no ill-health, no limitations ? Some of you find your
time taken up because you have come along the line
that makes that necessary for the moment. But if
you had worked through all your karma, you would
have available the whole of your time, the whole

-of your strength* You see how much more use you
would be to the Masters, if that were so. That is why
at is so necessary that karma should be worked off as