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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTIETH TALK           4l7

soon as possible, and the greatest compliment the
Lords of Karma can pay you is to give you more to
bear, for it'shows that They "think you worth
helping ".

Then He says:

However hard it is, be thankful that it is no worse.

That is always a line of consolation that you can
take. It might have been worse, and it is well that
you should think of that. It sounds a sort of com-
monplace, but the tendency of every one who suffers
is to say how hard it is, and to think of other times
when things were better. We might just as well take
it the other way and say: &i Things might have been
much worse than this," and also: " I am very glad
to be working off all this karma. I might have had
much more to work out, at least let me make the
best of it." Some changes intensify the working of
karma.  For example, to be accepted as a pupil
intensifies the working of karma. Whenever any of
you makes an offer of himself to the Master, the
very offer is such a change as I have mentioned.
It does intensify the working of karma.   If the
Master accepts you and draws you closer to Him,
that again is another cause. It is by your own will
that you offer yourself, and so it amounts to an
invitation to the Lords of Karma to do what they can
for you to carry you forward ; and if your wish is a
real wish, you need not be surprised that results