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TWENTIETH TALK            4l9

that they were published, but for the lessons which
they afforded in reincarnation and karma^ that they
teach that *a good deal of suffering is almost a
necessity when the* goal is drawing near, and that this
is not in the least because suffering, as such, is
necessary, but merely because the person in question
has brought it on himself. If we had always gone
right, if we had always taken the right path, there
would be no karma to suffer. But no one does that,
and consequently to clear up all that is left does mean
a good deal of sorrow. So many things that the
world calls evil and suffering may just be signs of
good progress. Moreover, instead of sympathising
with you, people often blame you; that is generally
the best karma^of all—the being misunderstood, so that
your good shall be evil spoken of. That is a thing
which seems to come always when people are drawing
near to their final goal.  You know how it has
happened to our President, how it has happened to
every occult or mystical teacher all through history.
In many ways, as I say, it is perhaps the best karma
of all. You can sec that ixw as I say it, but \ on
may remember it when the time comes, when that
particular trouble comes to you, when people mis-
understand you and accuse you of doing all sorts o(
evil things, w^ien you know all the time that \uur
intention is entirely good. That is the tiling to ic-
member w^hen the trouble comes—tliat it is a good
sign ; that it is to be expected; that it has come to